Our mission is to provide Resources, Education, Activities, Community participation, and Housing opportunities that will enable adults with developmental challenges to approximate the pattern of everyday living available to people without disabilities.

R.E.A.C.H. West offers many ways to participate. For more details, please connect with our local program leaders to discuss your interest to become an athlete, a Unified partner, a coach, or to discuss other volunteer opportunities.


Develop a network to provide families with appropriate resources, information and support for their specific situation such as legal services, job opportunities and housing


Roll out a REACH sponsored nutrition training program


Support the athletic and social activities of the individuals on the local Special Olympics team. This includes sponsored events for holidays and special occasions


Collaborating with community groups to develop social programs and provide support to the organization and the community it serves


Purchase new homes to support the living needs of the developmentally disabled community


Develop skills for personal growth and community enhancement